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I thought that by now our leaders, rulers, whoever or whatever is in charge would at least try to save their dignity or in this case whatever is left of it and would have proffered solutions to the recurring lingering fuel scarcity howbeit at critical periods in the country. I mean here we are in the wake of the New year with all our hopes and expectations high and preparation in top gear to get ourselves ready for the task ahead of us and there are still so many pending issues to be dealt with? Isn’t it funny that 22days into the new Year (a quick reminder here that this crisis started from latter part of last year) when expectations and hopes are high and people are ready and set to achieve much more even with so much resources in short supply and there is a major drawback of a commodity that affects the smooth running of operations…Yes!We are still battling with a recurring lingering fuel crisis that has dragged on for way too long coupled with an even greater drawback!That there has been a major power vaccum in the history of our great country where a President can vacate the power seat for so long and refuse to hand over national affairs to the Deputy and so for 60 days and still counting there is still no one in charge of the affairs of this great country, we have civil unrests and crisis here and there in the country where people are being and are still being killed, there us still no power/energy in the country and a whole lot of other issues that should be in the front burner for our advancement as a country are being swept under the carpet…We have become a laughing stock and are being ridiculed by the international and continental community…Matters arising are being adjourned till time indefinite because there is no one to charge of affairs and there is no information in circulation to let the people know and be aware of what is going on in their country, so much about what is going on is being shrouded in secrecy and in my mind I just wonder… Read the rest of this entry »


Hey Friends!

How time flies! Another Christmas just gone by and The New Year is here all at Once! Whoa! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas inspite of the forecast and happenings for last year. Last year was really very hectic filled with so much uncertainty at the beginning, so many headlines and deadlines, job losses, job cuts, salary cuts and all kinds of cuts. Probably you were not able to meet all the deadlines you set to achieve your goals. There’s no need to give up on yourself, even the best intentions have a way of getting sidetracked by unexpected circumstances and events… Read the rest of this entry »

So fast, too soon, It’s already the penultimate month in the Year of 2009 and that singular statement means a myriad of things to several peoples.

For some of us, it is a reminder that the year is closing in very quickly in just matter of days and there are still lots of headlines that have been left unattended to.

For another group of people, it is a reminder that the  Christmas  celebrations is around the corner and lots of expenses to be made!

For yet another set of people, it is a time to take an inventory of all they had hoped to achieve and with the time left hit their targets.

All of these activities point to something; Time has been given to everyone on the surface of the earth in the same measure and quantity, it is however how we make use of it that distinguishes us. Time is no respecter of persons and in whatever way you make use of it today, the same way you will reap its rewards later.
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It was Independence Day sometime last week precisely on the 1st of October. A day that usually starts with people tuning in their television and radio sets to listen to the live broadcast of the President to ‘fellow Nigerians’,a day that the dress code changes for the mean time to people wearing a mix of green or white or both combinations in their attire just to commemorate the day,a day that speeches are being read, the drums are rolled out, School children do the march past and the stadium is agog with colorful activities marking this day and yet for some people it’s just a day like any other with no reason to celebrate, a day that will come and go with no consciousness of Patriotism written on the minds of our hearts perhaps because people have tried to be patriotic in times past but the systems that could and should sustain it are not in place…Well maybe perhaps Independence Day is just another day not to go to work (at least another day to rest) because in deed and in truth we are not truly free so what exactly are we celebrating? I wonder,  I just wonder… Read the rest of this entry »

I woke up this morning with a song already being sung in my mind, a very old hymn we used to sing back in the days in primary school with the writer long dead and forgotten. But I must say that the lyrics make a lot of sense even though the song was written long ago. I’m usually in the habit of singing hymns in the morning every time I am alive to see the dawn of a new day and this particular hymn I love a lot. It goes thus;

New every morning is Thy Love
Our wakening and uprising proof
Through sleep and darkness safely brought
Restored to Life and Power and Thought

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Well, well, well , well, well…

We are already into the second half of the year 2009 and into the 3rd quarter . A myriad of things have been happening lately and I must add very quickly too.

On the political scene, the people of Iran are registering their displeasure about a certain election that was held in their country. The results they believe was rigged. They have proceeded to the streets to protest the results of an election they felt was rigged and demanded for a recount of the votes.  For several days they took to the streets protesting the results of the elections even when some of them were killed in the process…An unusual occurence in Iran. And even when the Supreme Leader spoke and urged people to return to their homes that they should embrace peace ( of course endorsing the leader the people didn’t want) they did not budge. But really when citizens of a country are tired of the way they are being governed after being tossed around for too long especially in place like Iran whose system and way of life is embedded in Islam whose people are always faithful and loyal to their leaders…Then there is a problem…
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How do you make time fly?  Throw a clock out the window!

Rolled out of bed this morning and on the wrong side too! I can’t believe I am 30 already! 10,957 days gone! Oh where did all the time go? Always thought I would be the CEO of my own consulting outfit by 30, you know get married by 25, have children before 30, thought I should be on top of my game already. But guess what? I’m still ‘honourably’ employed, my consulting business not here yet and I’m still not married! Time just flew by and I’m wondering what I did with all the 262,800 hours I have lived!
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